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Minnetonka Dental – General Dentistry

Sep 08, 2016

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Minnetonka Dental

Minnetonka Dental – A Comfort Dentistry

Minnetonka Dental deliberately provides oral solutions for the whole household, consisting of pediatric dental care, sedation dental care, implant dental care, aesthetic dental care, laser dental care, endodontics, removals, and same day emergencies. Focusing on our people’ experience is our primary top priority. Minnetonka Dental are constantly welcoming new clients. Depend on us with your smile! General and Cosmetic Dental care can offer you a smile you more than happy to display. Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques seek to boost and also recover both features and look at one time. Visit our Minnetonka Dental office anytime.

At Dentistry by Design, Minnetonka we take the motto “A healthier tooth is a happier you!” very seriously. We encourage patients to visit us at least once in six months to help us keep your smile intact. In our Minnetonka Dental we include x-ray examinations and cleaning, looking for signs of an oral cavity, and more under general dental checkup. General dentistry services cover tooth extractions, root canals, whitening, and fillings. Call us to fix an appointment.      

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