Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry.

Jun 03, 2021

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Sedation dentistry is becoming one of the most valuable techniques to help patients who have uncomfortable tooth sensitivity, an intense fear of the dentist, or who will be undergoing a painful procedure. The reality is that patients needing the most urgent dental care commonly put it off due to dental phobia. Sedation dentistry is the perfect solution to relieving their anxiety, so their dental issues can be taken care of before they worsen. 

Sedation offers pain-free dentistry for your dental needs, whether it’s for a cleaning or a complex procedure. For simple cleanings and minor treatments, inhaled sedation (nitrous oxide) works wonders, whereas, with more complicated procedures, oral sedation prevents the patient from feeling any pain. A significant benefit of sedation dentistry is that it prevents patients from moving during treatment, and inhibits the gag reflex, allowing dentists to complete procedures much more efficiently. To learn more about sedation dentistry in minnetonka call us today.

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